Do CBD Creams and Balms Help With Back Pain?

Written by Jordan Donohue

Despite their popularity Cannabidiol (CBD) products still face challenges in the form of misleading marketing claims and a lack of scientific evidence in support of their use. One such area where scientific evidence is lacking, but where anecdotal reports from consumers are in major support of CBD, is that of back pain.

Back pain is an extremely debilitating condition and is one of the most commonly reported reasons for GP visits in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, back pain is one of the leading causes of absenteeism worldwide.

Complementing positive consumer feedback, scientific studies on CBD have displayed therapeutic effects in areas such as neuropathic pain and inflammation, leading some researchers to suggest that CBD could be useful in the treatment of back pain.[1]

Although emerging scientific data and statements such as the one above are in favour of CBD, they do not answer the primary question of consumers; Do CBD creams and balms help with back pain?

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, often abbreviated to ‘CBD’ is a naturally occurring compound found within the cannabis plant. It belongs to a family of compounds known as the phytocannabinoids, of which hundreds have been identified to date.

CBD is extracted from varieties of Cannabis Sativa L. – often referred to as industrial hemp. CBD is legal food supplement in the United Kingdom and will not get you high whatsoever.

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Do CBD Creams and Balms Help With Back Pain?

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been shown to reduce inflammation and suppress neuropathic pain, which could be of benefit for people suffering with back pain. Furthermore, a recent study in the Journal of Opioid Management showed a CBD cream provided significant pain and symptom relief to people suffering from back pain. Scroll down to explore the study and learn more about CBD and back pain.

Case Study: CBD Cream/Balm Reduces Back Pain

A recent article in the Journal of Opioid Management highlighted 2 case reports where the use of a CBD cream significantly reduced pain and discomfort in opioid naïve patients suffering from back pain.[2]

Case 1

A 40 year old male suffering from back pain due to a recent L3 compression fracture visited his GP in search of pain relief. He had a significant medical history including an epidural abscess that required evacuation and a subsequent posterior instrumentation and fusion of the lumbar spine 10 years earlier. At the time of the visit the patient was receiving zero medication.

Due to him not being a suitable candidate for a kyphoplasty, it was suggested that the patient start therapy using a combination of pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs; neither of which provided significant relief.

2 weeks on from his initial visit for the L3 compression fracture, and following the recommended treatment from the GP providing no relief, the patient decided to try CBD in the form of a CBD moisturising cream. The patient applied CBD cream twice daily to his lower back, applying a small amount of cream over the affected area.

The patient reported that using the CBD cream reduced his pain from an 8/10 to 1/10. Furthermore, this relief lasted on average for 10 hours. The patient also reported that his back spasms and radiating pain to his sacrum were reduced. After 4 weeks of treatment, the patient stopped using all medications as his lower back pain was completely resolved.

Case 2

Following the surgical treatment of spinal cord cancer, a 61 year old female presented to her GP having suffered from thoracic disturbance and dysesthesia for over 2 years. The patient’s medical history was complex and included rheumatoid arthritis, cervical degenerative disc disease, pinched spinal nerves and obesity.

The patient decided to try CBD of her own accord and applied the cream to the affected are of her thoracic spine. She reported approximately 7-8 hours of relief from sensory disturbance and dysesthesia.

How Much CBD Cream/Balm Should You Use for Back Pain?

In the study where using a CBD cream helped to reduce back pain, the cream contained 400mg of CBD per 60ml pot. Therefore, we recommended using a cream that has a similar amount of CBD per 60ml. Be sure to check the label of the product you are using to ensure it has adequate amounts of CBD.

We recommend applying an index finger sized blob to the affected area as and when needed. You can use both CBD Cream and CBD Balm for back pain, although balms tend to last a little longer.

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