You Should Use Our 500mg CBD Oil

Based upon your bodyweight, our 500mg CBD oil is the best product for you.

We recommend starting off with 4 drops of oil per serving. If after some use you feel like you need a different dose of CBD, feel free to adjust the serving to your individual needs.

You can consume multiple servings of CBD per day, as and when required.

When Should You Take CBD?

There are 2 ways to time your CBD supplementation for best results: 

  • Take your CBD at any point during the day as part of your daily supplementation regime
  • Taking CBD routinely as part of your daily supplementation regime is simple – you take it at any point during the day just like you would with other supplements such as multivitamins. It does not really matter when you take it, as you are taking it for general wellbeing rather than for its acute effects.
  • Take your CBD around an event such as a workout, a stressful situation or before going to bed

If you are using CBD for a specific reason such as sleep, stress, anxiety or muscle pain then we suggest you take your CBD at a specific time. For example, if you are taking CBD for anxiety and you know that a work meeting or the morning commute is a trigger for you, then take your CBD 15 minutes before that anxiety inducing event begins. The same can be applied for people who take CBD for sleep or stress management.

In a similar manner to the dosage recommendations, you are welcome to experiment and find a timing that works best for your individual needs.